Saturday, 5 April 2008

Feeling Strangely Fine

I think Act One is nearly done. Yes, I've said that many times before but this time I mean in (no, really, really).

Today I just have to add some final details to a couple of scenes I don't think are quite done and then tomorrow I'm going to read it all through and hopefully declare it 'good enough for the time being' and then I'll return to it in a few months after I've finished with Acts Two and Three.

So hopefully on Sunday afternoon / evening I'll be able to email the results to my copy-editor Judith (more commonly known as Mum) and my all-round reader and criticiser Rob (poet extraordinaire, who was nice enough to sign a copy of that book he's in New Writing from the Royal Holloway Creative Writing Programme Bedford Square 3. Foreword by Andrew Motion). Hopefully they shall read it and find it good and I can get on with Act Two.

I'll be taking a little time off, of course, I'm off to Singapore for a week. I'll take some of my half-completed short stories with me to see if I can finish them off (titles: Do All Prey Dream?, Earworm and The Red Samaritan). That means when I do finish the novel I'll have a bit of a cleaner slate to start on some new projects.

Also have to be sure to print off another copy of RWBW to send to F&SF Magazine before I go.

Right, back to work. I'm feeling a bit groggy today, I think someone spiked my drink at The Roxy last night. But that's another story all together.